Women’s Choice: The Top 10 Cars Females Love

For all the talk about guys and their cars, the truth is it’s the girls who make most of the buying decisions. Women account for about half of all auto purchases, but influence up to 80 percent of all automobile transactions in the U.S.

I certainly know that’s true at my house, which is why there isn’t a BMW M3 or Jaguar XK in the garage right now.

I think it’s pretty safe to say that women tend to go for practicality in cars, while guys lean toward style and power. So now that the top 10 cars that women bought in 2011 have been announced, what can we expect to see on the list? Minivans, Miatas and Jettas? Not even close!

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The Chick Car Chauvinists

1978 Volkswagen Beetle, rear driver's side

What real men drove in 1978

Earlier this week car enthusiasts got a real dose of male chauvinism regarding the “more masculine” 2012 Beetle. Volkswagen itself led the way with its campaign to attract more male buyers.

When I last wrote about this foolishness in April, I made the pitch that

VW’s most important objective was to counter the image of the 1998-2010 New Beetle as a “chick car.” I owned one of these, because it had a good turbo engine and was a beautiful design. It turns out that two-thirds of the buyers of that car were women—which never caused me any embarrassment.

Maybe those women have more taste than men. Now the macho car writers are beating their chests that not only is the 2012 Beetle much more masculine in appearance (really?), but with 20 more horsepower in the base car, male buyers will come out in droves.

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2012 Volkswagen Beetle: A Chick Car No More

2012 Volkswagen Beetle, rear

Once upon a time, the Volkswagen Beetle was the ultimate chick car.

That time was all the way up until about yesterday.

The new one, the 2012 Beetle, has managed to broaden its appeal past the miniskirt-wearing crowd and become a car that a man, a real car-loving performance-obsessed man, can drive without hunkering down and hoping no one sees him.

The best improvement about the Beetle’s new style is that it no longer looks like a cutesy animated bubble. It looks more like a Porsche. Well, at the very least, a person might be able to tell that the company that builds the Beetle is the same company that builds the 911 (which reader Jim seems to think I believe is just a pumped-up Beetle.)

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