Signs That Chinese Automakers Are Getting Closer to the U.S. Market

Lifan 630

I like Chinese cars.

Not because I believe they are especially well designed or engineered to exceptional tolerances, but because I think it’s fun to browse through images and see how often they blatantly rip-off international car designs.

There’s a Lifan that looks like a Lexus, a Hawtai that looks like a Hyundai, a Shenboa that looks like a Saab and so many more. Everything from the design of the F-150 to the MINI Cooper has been shamelessly copied by a Chinese automaker for sale in its home market.

Now there are signs that China is getting ready to export West.

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Cars Coming Soon: The Great Wall Steed, and Other Chinese Vehicles

Great Wall Steed

Great Wall Steed

Imagine the irony of this:

A Chinese car company finally sells vehicles in the United States and even builds a factory here to manufacture the cars it sells. Meanwhile, an American car company selling cars in China builds a factory there to produce the vehicles it sells there.

Did you follow that?

General Motors sells more cars in China than it does here in the States, so it makes business sense to build cars there. No Chinese company, though, has ventured into the U.S. market to sell cars, much less build them here.

That could change. And soon.

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The Solution to Distracted Driving: The Dash Robot

BYD's in-dash robot

Considering how many products the “Made in China” tag has been applied to in the United States, it’s amazing that cars have not been added to the list.

That won’t last, as rumors of a Chinese car company entering the U.S. market have circled for years. When it will actually happen remains unknown, but when it does, we could be in for a repeat of the Hyundai/Kia story that has unfolded over the last 25 years.

Would the first Chinese cars to arrive be as low-quality as the very first Hyundais were in 1986, or is it possible that the cars will impress with a quality no one expects?

Well, if the first Chinese car to come here has a talking robot that pops out of the dash, things could get interesting. Weird, but interesting.

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