Friday Craziness: Obama’s Million Dollar Chrysler and BMW’s Checkmate

2005 Chrysler 300

Check the CarGurus used car listings for a 2005 Chrysler 300, and you will find plenty of examples priced somewhere around $11,000-$14,000. Do some negotiating and you can probably score one even cheaper.

So what would make a bone-stock 300 worth a million bucks? Nothing. Not even if said car transported Tom Brady to the Super Bowl while spewing magical golden fairy dust from the exhaust.

2005 Chryslers just don’t sell for a million dollars, regardless of who drove them. So it’s with surprise that I show you this ad:

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Made in America: Here Come the Complaints. Lawsuits Next?

2012 Chrysler 300

Imported from... Ontario?

The “What constitutes American made?” question has made its rounds on these pages before. Remember our discussion on whether Chevrolet or Mazda made the more “American” pickup? Or if Ford is a foreign car company?

With the globalization of the car industry, manufacturers are building cars wherever it makes the most economical sense to do so. Japan continues to move production Stateside, and domestic brands like using factories in Mexico, Canada and soon, China.

The issue isn’t really where the vehicle is made anymore; the issue is how a car company handles its marketing.

The Made in the USA Foundation, which I have never heard of until just now, has taken issue with Ford and Chrysler marketing recently, accusing both of deceiving consumers by promoting “American-made” cars that are anything but.

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The Best Cars for Date Night

BMW 3 Series

BMW: Perfect date car?

I don’t know anyone who has gone out and bought a car just to impress a date.

If such a guy did exist, there are certain vehicles he’d want to consider, and others that have no business shuttling a proper lady between the restaurant, movie theater and mini-golf course.

Of course, if the date involves a woman who doesn’t fit the description of “proper,” the choice of chariot probably doesn’t matter much. But let’s assume that you are the type of guy who wants to impress your date with a car that gives you the best shot at umm… a second date.

What should you buy? Read on.

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