Chrysler on a Roll, Betting on the New Dart

New Dodge Dart, front

Hallelujah, Chrysler reported sales for April up 20 percent. It was the company’s best April since 2008 and the eleventh consecutive month of 20 percent or better sales increases. GM, Ford and Toyota were all down.

Hey, if you can’t sell cars in April, when can you sell ’em?

Sales leaders were of course the Ram, but also the Chrysler 200 and its midsize sedan cousins. Even the FIAT 500 showed good gains.

The big money, however, is riding on the new Dodge Dart which, unlike the refashioned Avenger and other Chrysler holdover products, is an entirely new car. As you should know by now, it’s built on a much-modified Alfa Romeo platform and has more than a little of the Italian flair of that marque.

The big question is how this bastard child will compete against cars like the Focus and Cruze, among others, in the hotly contended compact segment.

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