Green Update: Fast-Charging the Leaf and the Industry

Nissan Leaf charger

Nissan claims it has developed a 10-minute recharger for the Leaf, report the New York Daily News and POPSCI. The latter questions whether the new technology applies to the charger or the battery.

The general bottleneck in reducing charging time isn’t in the charger or the amount of power that can be pumped into batteries, but rather in the frailty of the batteries themselves—the cells can’t handle too much current at once. So a new battery technology that can cope with a very high amount of energy without degradation could conceivable [sic] allow that kind of super-fast charging.

The Daily News talks about a price of around $13,000 for the new fast-charger. So this may not be quite the breakthrough Leaf owners and others have wanted. Still, Nissan has dropped the cost of its present home charger to $1,818, including installation.

There is no question that a recharge time of 10 minutes would do wonders to boost electric car sales. And such quick-charging reportedly won’t damage the battery.

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