People Still Falling for Easy-to-Spot Car-Buying Scams

Nissan Altima 2.5

Low miles! Only $3,000!

Smart car shoppers know how to spot scams from a mile (or 2,600 miles) away.

Craigslist, once a go-to source for posting used-car classifieds, is riddled with scammers trying to con people out of thousands of dollars. Their ploys are always the same, and the red flags are obvious. Still, due to some serious flaw in human psychology, people fall for the deal they know is too good to be true.

The Detroit News published a nice piece on the issue this week, from which I quote:

Brenda Cullen has a killer deal on Craigslist for a spotless, low-mileage Nissan Altima. But it won’t last.

A job promotion, complete with company car, has left her family with one too many vehicles, so that’s why she’s unloading the Altima for not even a quarter of its true value.

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