Cars Coming Soon: Favorites from Frankfurt

Alfa Romeo 4C Concept

The Frankfurt International Motor Show has done it again.

And by “it” I mean increased my excitement about cars that will soon roam the streets of the United States.

From concepts to production models, many automakers are showing vehicles that have a great shot at coming to these shores soon.

Some of my favorites are below, even if one or two are longshots at ever breathing American air. But that’s the great thing about auto shows: There’s always hope.

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Cars Coming Soon: SSC Tuatara, Ferrari 458 Spider, New Dodge Magnum

Shelby Super Cars Tuatara

We may be in the middle of an epidemic of bad supercar names.

Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4.

Pagani Huayra.

And now, the Shelby Super Cars Tuatara. (Twit-ara or too-a-tara, discuss amongst yourselves.)

While the name might be bad, the rest of the latest offering from SSC is absolutely brilliant. And it has but one purpose in life: to take away the Bugatti Veyron’s title for fastest production car in the world.

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