An F430 Dressing Up Like an Enzo? Bad Idea

The F430 Enzo conversion

The F430 Enzo conversion

A savvy car buyer could pick up a gently used Ferrari F430 for somewhere between $130,000 and $150,000. Yes, that’s enough to buy a house in some places around these United States, but as far as modern Ferraris go, it’s not a bad price of entry.

The F430 was the predecessor of the 458 Italia and remains a mighty fine example of Italian supercar prowess. With its 4.3-liter V8 and 483-hp engine, the car can hit 100 mph before most cars approach 60. Plus it looks absolutely stunning and can hold its own against any other supercar on the market.

Yes, the F430 is a masterpiece, and well-cared-for cars should hold their value, if not increase in worth, over the coming years.

Or, as one F430 seller hopes, you can buy an F430 for almost four times the going rate and get a car that’s been mangled beyond recognition.

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How a Ferrari Cured My Son

Sometimes a Ferrari is the best medicine

I was supposed to go to Las Vegas last weekend but ended up inside a Ferrari instead.

My wife and I meticulously planned a weekend escape to visit dear friends, only to have those plans derailed when our son suddenly showed signs of a frightening illness.

To say this was a weekend of tremendous highs and lows is like saying Vegas’ New York New York roller-coaster is slightly pulse-quickening. We were supposed to leave for Las Vegas on Thursday. On Wednesday, I planned to take my son to our local Porsche dealer, where a 2006 Ferrari F430 had recently been offered for sale.

Of course, I couldn’t buy it. But I made plans with the dealer to surprise my 10-year-old son, a rabid Ferrari fan, with a visit so he could finally see a real Ferrai in the sheet-metal. Instead, Wednesday welcomed me with a son who could barely move or talk, and a visit to the doctor where the word “meningitis” shot through my heart like a blunt dagger. Forget the Ferrari. Forget Vegas. I just wanted a healthy kid.

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The Curse of the $8/Hour Ferrari

The dream...

Gather your friends, assemble your credit reports, chip in for a down payment and own a Ferrari!

For just $8 an hour, you and three friends could co-own a 2009 Ferrari F430. So much for the non-attainable supercar, right? Now any group of moderately achieving suburban neighbors can truly live the dream.

How is this possible? Is it too good to be true?

Well, in a perfect world it’s possible. But we all know, thanks to things like fruitcake and Tim Tebow, the world is far from perfect.

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So a Blonde Crashes a Bentley into a Ferrari, Aston Martin, Mercedes and Porsche…


…And it’s not even a joke.

I’m not one to laugh, too hard, at other people’s misfortunes. In fact, unless someone’s smart fortwo ends up in a river, I’m actually pretty compassionate. But I think my level of compassion for people tapers as their bank accounts rise.

Do I feel bad for the unemployed family man who gets his only car stolen? Of course. Do I shed a tear for the blonde driving the Bentley who smashes into a number of other exotic supercars? Ummm… no. Well, maybe, but the tear will come at the sight of an injured Aston Martin and not for the loaded socialite who caused an exotic automotive Armageddon.

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