Reports: Fisker Having Big Problems (Again) with the Karma

2012 Fisker Karma

The Fisker Karma is certainly beautiful, luxurious and big. It supposedly has fine detailing, and the “top EcoChic edition is an animal-free showcase of high-end textiles, faux suede and rescued California wildfire hardwood.” We’ve told you about this high-end eco-chic foolishness already.

Now some people, according to Green Car Reports, are accusing the company of being a “green car Solyndra,” slamming it as a black hole for government loans. Henrik Fisker had his say in the Washington Post, defending the delays in the Karma (two years late, produced in Finland). The outcry over Solyndra has been such that the Obama administration is conducting a review of the whole $36 billion DOE loan program. And Fisker and fellow electric carmaker Tesla will both be under the microscope.

DOE officials explained yet again in the Post that the $169 million loan for the Karma was to support engineering work “done in the United States, mainly at Fisker’s headquarters, which has 700 employees.”

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Volt Owners Are Giggling: Fisker Karma Gets Low EPA Rating

Fisker Karma Hybrid

The EPA just rated the series plug-in hybrid Fisker Karma sedan, and the company immediately put out a press release saying how “delighted” it was at the results. What?!

The EPA rated the Karma at 52 mpge (mpg “equivalent” for EVs and hybrids, that is, for combined city/highway driving). The company had projected 100 mpge and still says it “firmly believes” you’ll get up to 50 miles on a charge. EPA says, no, you’re gonna get 32 miles on battery alone, and another 20 mpg when the gas-powered range extender kicks in. And probably a lot less driving in Sport mode.

The similarly powered Chevrolet Volt was rated at 94 mpge and costs $39,000. The Karma has three versions priced at $96,000-$109,000. “The top EcoChic edition is an animal-free showcase of high-end textiles, faux suede, and rescued California wildfire hardwood.” So says Car and Driver, while Volt drivers continue laughing.

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