Toyota Files Patent for Flying Car


I remember New Year’s Eve, 1989.

I was 12 years old and at a bowling alley with my parents for some midnight bowling. I remember thinking, “I walked into this building in 1989 and will walk out of it in 1990.”


At that time, 1990 sounded far into the future. My young mind was blown by this thought. Surely, in 1990 we’d see flying cars and small, flat communication devices. I was ready. I was excited. I was hopeful.

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Cars Coming Soon: The Terrafugia Flying Car, Version 2.0


I spent the final night of 1989 at a bowling alley. At 12 years old, my parents wanted to make that New Year’s Eve memorable and took my brothers and I midnight bowling.

I remember feeling a sense of awe that the calendar was about to switch the 1990s. It sounded so futuristic and had the potential to be the decade that would bring on the realization of a future I’d seen in the movies. I half expected to see flying cars in the sky on the ride home in those first hours of the 1990s.

Of course, all the 1990s brought us was email, the Internet and Vanilla Ice. Not a single flying car anywhere in the world.

If only the 12-year-old me from 1990 could have seen what Terrafugia has planned in the second decade of the 21st century!

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