The 2015 Mustang Could Have Looked Like This

Ford Evos concept

Instead of the sleek and sporty look of the Evos concept, seen above, the 2015 Mustang will probably look, well, like a Mustang.

That makes me sad.

With new architecture and the promise of a new era spanning continents, I had hoped the Mustang would ditch all things retro and forge new paths while going on sale in places like Germany. Instead it appears the mostly new car will be an evolution of the pony car instead of the revolution I had wanted.

Small steps forward are good, but the new car doesn’t seem like it’ll be enough to render the 2013 and 2014 used models obsolete.

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2014 Ford Mustang Will Reach for the Future

Ford Evos Concept

Ford might finally be done looking to the past for design inspiration and be ready to forge a new path into pony-car future.

Since its introduction as a 1964 1/2 model, the Mustang has defined the pony car and led the industry in innovation. Well, aside from a few questionable years when some might say the Mustang lost its soul. Okay, maybe 30 questionable years depending on who you ask. The 1974 through 2004 Mustangs might be best described as “polarizing,” but they still had a loyal following and sold ridiculously well.

But it wasn’t until the retro-styled 2005 Mustang debuted that the pony car was re-invented. Since then the Dodge Challenger and Chevrolet Camaro have spawned modern takes of their old selves. But how long can looking into the past provide for a rewarding future? Ford thinks the answer to that question is 2014.

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Restyling Future Fords

1991 Audi Avus Quattro

1991 Audi Avus Quattro, a J Mays design

Yesterday, our very own tgriffith got positively giddy over Ford’s new concept, the Evos. We agree, it is the sharpest show car Ford has produced in years. More important, as a product of J Mays’s design shop, we are told it will be the “template for future Fords.”

Mays told the Detroit News, “We’re going to Frankfurt to seduce people.”

Mays, Martin Smith, executive design director for Ford of Europe, and Moray Callum, executive director for North American design, started work on Ford’s new look three years ago. Smith’s team in Cologne, Germany, designed the Evos, which was built in Torino, Italy.

The first production example of the sleek Evos look should appear in January with the newly designed Fusion.

Ford has committed to big design changes for its vehicles in the next three years. Some are noted here, and Lincoln is finally going to get some attention.

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Cars Coming Soon: Ford’s Vehicular Masterpiece

Ford Evos concept, front quarter

It had me with the headlights.

Two weeks ago Ford released a teaser image of its new concept car, set to debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show. I was hooked, and all I could see were the slit-like headlights.

Now Ford has released the full gauntlet of images of its latest concept, the Ford Evos. From a design perspective, I think this car is dang-near perfect. I actually did a double-take the first time I saw it and briefly thought there must have been some kind of mix-up where someone posted pictures of a high-performance Infiniti, extreme Toyota or even a Jaguar concept instead of the Ford.

Not only is the concept you see above pure Ford, it’s a look into the company’s design for the next five years or so. Complaints? Not from me! Keep reading for more info and pictures.

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