Are Gas Stations Scamming Us?

Gas pump nozzle

As if we don’t pay enough at the gas pump, now comes word that some stations may deliberately be shorting the amount of fuel we pump into our cars.

Originally reported by the Bangor Daily News, state inspection officials in Maine have found several stations with multiple pumps delivering less fuel than customers are paying for. In fact, some of them are so glaringly inaccurate that the agriculture department ordered them immediately shut down for being seven times outside the acceptable error tolerance.

That’s not even the worst of it: The state doesn’t have the time or money to find out which stations are doing it on purpose and which are the result of poorly calibrated pumps. The newspaper shared a memo from Maine’s Department of Agriculture that certainly isn’t shy about what it believes is happening:

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Could Michele Bachmann Deliver on Promise of Gas Under $2.00/Gallon?

It’s either a sign of a desperate candidate, proof that some people don’t understand how fuel is priced or a simple ploy to win votes.

Whatever her intent, presidential candidate Michele Bachmann has said she would bring back sub-$2/gallon fuel if elected. According to Politico she said:

The day that the president became president, gasoline was $1.79 a gallon. Look at what it is today. Under President Bachmann, you will see gasoline come down below $2 a gallon again. That will happen.

The average price today is $3.57 and slowly falling, thanks in part to the events unfolding in Libya. Of course, if “the president” wasn’t the president gas would still be under two bucks since he’s obviously the sole reason gas prices spiked. He must have failed to understand the “set gas prices” responsibility in the presidential job description; or maybe there’s more to gas prices than who is president.

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Green Update: Higher Gas Taxes? Don’t Be Ridiculous.

Old gas pumps

Basically, U.S. drivers would rather pay speculators and investors—the people responsible for the higher gas prices about which they endlessly complain—than put more money into a government fund to maintain our highways and infrastructure.

They would rather have an intricate, unfair and fraudulent system called CAFE regulate car mileage standards than let the price of gasoline and the market produce fuel-efficient cars, which would be a better deal for consumers and automakers both.

Now, some are talking about letting the gas tax (18.4 cents per gallon) expire on September 30, which would soon put thousands of rail and highway workers off their jobs, just the kind of stimulus work the country needs, right?

A few nut-case types like Grover Norquist are even proposing that the states administer gas tax funds and pay for their own roads. In a short time, U.S. highways would become like the roads I drive on in Mexico. Imagine how that patchwork system would help the economy.

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Do Rising Gas Prices Make People Stupid? Here’s How To Protect Yourself

Feeling stupid? Blame the gas prices.

As gas prices increase, the collective brain power of the driving public decreases. Or, to say that more simply:

High gas prices might make you stupid.

Maybe that’s not a proven fact, but drivers are looking for ways to fight against cash-sucking gas pumps and, perhaps in desperation, are increasingly making decisions that don’t make any sense.

For proof that human brains cease to function after paying $4 per gallon, keep reading.

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