Green Update: The Year in Energy and Emissions

Methane Bubbles from Alaska Lakes

There are two articles in particular I want to point you to regarding the State of the Air. Then we’ll get to the car industry.

First is a Washington Post piece on the five biggest stories in energy and environment, and what a terrible year we’ve been through on that score. Second is a New York Times report on melting of the permafrost that underlies about a quarter of the Northern Hemisphere. This is probably the scariest piece I’ve read all year.

If you still don’t believe in global warming after reading these, put your head back in the tar sands and tell us about the wonders of fracking.

As CO2 emissions from fossil fuels took a record jump of 5.9 percent in 2010—“the largest absolute increase since the start of the Industrial Revolution and the greatest percentage increase since 2003”—Republicans united in their animus toward the EPA, and the Obama administration called off its tough new standards on ozone pollution.

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