More Supercar Insanity: Venom, Quimera and Tuatara

2011 Hennessey Venom

There is no end to the madness of supercars, those sometimes gorgeous, sometimes grotesque, hyperpowered exotics that exist only to trigger the fantasies of car fanatics. Buyers are the very, very few with piles of money. Those without drool and exercise their daydreams while driving Focus SVTs (if they’re lucky) to work.

It’s the latter group that I’m concerned about. These are the guys who think Ken Block is really something else, who think it’s cool to drop a Corvette engine in a redesigned Lotus (the Venom, above) and charge close to a million dollars for it, who burble about the Veyron’s speed record.

Car flacks encourage this sort of response with their unending applause. Regurgitating John Hennessey’s comments (founder and president of the company producing the Venom), one self-effacing writer said, “With 1,200HP on tap from the twin-turbocharged, Corvette-sourced V8 and a Veyron-humbling 0-200 km/h (0-125 mph) time of 7.0 seconds flat, we wouldn’t dare ask for more.”

There is a lot of negative comment out on the Web regarding Hennessey and the Venom cars.

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