Green Update: Higher Gas Taxes? Don’t Be Ridiculous.

Old gas pumps

Basically, U.S. drivers would rather pay speculators and investors—the people responsible for the higher gas prices about which they endlessly complain—than put more money into a government fund to maintain our highways and infrastructure.

They would rather have an intricate, unfair and fraudulent system called CAFE regulate car mileage standards than let the price of gasoline and the market produce fuel-efficient cars, which would be a better deal for consumers and automakers both.

Now, some are talking about letting the gas tax (18.4 cents per gallon) expire on September 30, which would soon put thousands of rail and highway workers off their jobs, just the kind of stimulus work the country needs, right?

A few nut-case types like Grover Norquist are even proposing that the states administer gas tax funds and pay for their own roads. In a short time, U.S. highways would become like the roads I drive on in Mexico. Imagine how that patchwork system would help the economy.

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