Choices, Choices: Jaguar SUV, Porsche Macan or Used Cayenne?

Jaguar C-X17 SUV

It’s finally happened. After years of rumors and rendered speculation, Jaguar has unveiled what will likely become a production SUV.

To some, it’s unthinkable. To others, it makes perfect sense.

In one sense, Jaguar is a luxury and sports car maker that creates sleek and powerful vehicles that devour the open road. On the other hand, the carmaker needs to make business sense for itself and sell as many vehicles as possible.

The truth is, to be a mass-market automaker, a crossover/SUV has to be on showroom floors. Porsche knows all about this, thanks to the massive success of the Cayenne and the almost certain success of the new, smaller Macan.

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Jaguar SUV Doesn’t Make Sense, But You’ll Want One Anyway

Admit it, you'd want one

Admit it—you’d want one

Peer pressure isn’t just for middle schoolers. Apparently, the pressure to follow the path of others never really goes away, and the inability say “no” can lead to some questionable outcomes. All it takes is a decision from one trendsetter, and pretty soon everyone else is trying to do the same thing.

Today I’m thinking about Porsche as the trendsetter with the Cayenne SUV. Yes, it’s a superior and well-respected vehicle now, but when it was announced there were plenty of people who thought Porsche had gone off the deep end.

Nope. Instead, it spawned a new category of luxury road-going performance SUVs. And now Jaguar wants in.

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Cars Coming Soon->Next-Gen Ferrari 599, Jaguar SUV, Audi R8 GT

Ferrari 599 GTO

Ferrari 599 GTO

With the new four-wheel-drive Ferrari FF shooting brake, Ferrari has broken the sports-car mold and turned upside-down everything the world thought a Ferrari should be.

Somehow, Ferrari has managed to create an all-weather V12 rocket that can seat 4 comfortably, hit 208 mph and haul 28.3 cubic feet of luggage while still looking like a Ferrari. With its first year of production sold out and nary a negative first drive review to be found, I think it’s safe to say the FF is a huge hit.

But if you think the crew in Maranello is content to sit back and enjoy its success, think again. Next up: a new Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano.

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