Cars Coming Soon: The $1 Million Toyota

Lexus LF-LC concept

Lexus LF-LC Concept

While Toyota has no plans to build a Camry that costs a cool million, the company responsible for the remarkable Lexus LFA just might have a supercar sequel in mind.

How can the automaker top its efforts on the $375,000, 202-mph, 552-hp, 4.8-liter V10-powered scream machine? Honestly, I wouldn’t have thought it would be possible without striving for Bugatti Veyron-type numbers. Which, it turns out, could be a possibility. The rumor mill is churning with “leaked information” that Toyota isn’t satisfied with the LFA’s performance and wants a car that’s faster, more powerful and priced at close to a million bucks.

This is the type of story I’d take with a hefty dose of the proverbial salt, but the thought sure is enticing. It’s also a bit more believable considering the recent efforts Toyota has made at building sporty cars. In addition to the untouchable LFA, the Scion FR-S will arrive shortly, and the Lexus LF-LC concept looks hot.

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Three Car Rumors That Refuse to Die

Ford Evos concept

Someday, when humans die off and are replaced by a superior race, future archaeologists will dig up skeletons of our modern cars and be amazed at how advanced a civilization we were. They’ll marvel at the BMW M5 and wonder how it must have sounded. They’ll stumble across the C7 Corvette and wonder why it never fulfilled its destiny. They’ll find a Mustang, and say, “This would have been amazing, if only…”

Then they’ll stumble across a Lexus LFA and write in their journals that although humans are gone, at least they figured out automotive perfection before being done in.

There’s also a good chance they’ll hear about the best automotive rumors of our time and start buzzing all over again about the slightest possibility that, somehow, they’ll be resurrected.

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Lexus Tests 641-hp, 4564-lb Performance LS Sedan

Too many cars still tend toward the obese, though we’ve seen the beginnings of a welcome trend to lightening in some smaller vehicles.

But Toyota Motorsport has certainly bucked that tendency with its Lexus LS TMG Edition, an overweight, overpowered monster caught testing at Germany’s Nürburgring. Lexus has wanted to be a performance player for years and now is reportedly preparing an LFA for the upcoming Le Mans.

A leaked spec sheet tells us that the LS TMG will do 0-62 mph in 4.2 seconds with a top speed (probably limited) of 199 mph. Is the engine a V8? A V10 derived from the LFA (which outputs 550 hp)? Speculation is rampant, but we don’t know.

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Best Car Videos of the Week!

Ferrari Superamerica 45

As if Friday wasn’t already the best day of the week, we want to make it even better. And around here, the only way to do that is to take a few moments to revel in the sweet goodness of fast cars.

Follow the jump and enter a world of racing a Lexus LFA, ride along as a hypercar takes a few hot laps, see an exotic beauty go topless and sneak a peek into the world of 2020 driving.

It’s good stuff! Happy viewing and happy Friday!

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