Lexus RC Coupe Concept: No Match for the SC 430

Lexus RC Coupe concept

As a young adult I remember a couple in my parents’ neighborhood bringing home not just one, but a pair of matching brand-new 2002 Lexus SC 430 convertibles. The rumors spread like wildfire. The phrase “retractable hardtop” was tossed about as excitedly as the news of the first seedless watermelon.

Those people drove through town like royalty, and I remember pointing excitedly each time I saw one of their cars.

Today, of course, a retractable hardtop is almost expected as standard for convertibles. I still have a soft spot for those SC 430 cars, and I might even take one over the newest Lexus coupe concept, the audacious RC Coupe.

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Cars Aging Gracefully: Better-Than-New Modern Classics

1969 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

There’s a cold, dark and ugly secret lurking behind almost every new car:

Buy one today, and it’s almost guaranteed to look dated and old tomorrow.

Most new cars simply don’t age well, which is why most models get refreshed every 3-5 years. Soon the brand-new, cutting-edge source of pride you once displayed in the driveway, freshly washed, will sit in the garage under a coat of mud splatter and road salt as a $500-per-month testament to how quickly car design goes out of style.

Some cars, on the other hand, have proven to look just as good today as when they first graced the showroom floor.

Keep reading for a list of cars that have aged gracefully, and a prediction for which 2011 models might hold up, design-wise, until 2020 and beyond.

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