Buying a Car? Two Keys Please!


My wife and I were heading out to an evening of salsa dancing and thought we’d take our two young girls with us to introduce them to something more culturally significant than Netflix TV shows.

One child was eager to go and learn some Latin dancing, while the other threw a fit and declared, with a sly grin, that she would indeed be staying home.

My keys were on a table near the front door, and when the time came to grab them, they were missing. There was no sign of them. My wife and I searched everywhere—in coat pockets, pants pockets, inside the car… all to no avail. The keys were gone.

Lucky for us we have a second set and left, albeit a few minutes late, to enjoy a night of dancing.

The next day came the twist in this tale.

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Lost Car Keys: An Expensive Lesson in Organization

Car keys

If everything in life happens for a reason, I can only assume there’s a lesson on organization in losing one’s car keys.

There was a time when losing keys wasn’t that big a deal. A copy of a copied spare could be made for about $1.50, and life would get back to normal. Even if no spares were around, a locksmith could whip up a replacement in no time flat, or a new lock and/or ignition could be picked up at the local auto parts store and installed in an afternoon.

Losing keys to a vehicle made in the last decade, though, spells real trouble. Real expensive trouble!

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