Lotus Moving Upmarket: the Evora GTE Concept

Lotus Evora GTE concept

Lotus has had considerable success with its Evora GTE, the racing version of the Evora road car. Now the company is making a good thing better by, more or less, combining the two in a GTE concept that will show at Pebble Beach tonight (see press release).

The concept car has a tweaked V6 producing 420 hp and a sequential AMT gearbox. This far outdoes the present Evora S—no slouch at 345 hp and 4.6 seconds to 60 mph—presently Lotus’s top road car.

But it’s the handling that always has distinguished Lotus from the pack, though some have complained not so much about a lack of power but its “loose, vague gearshift.” Even so,

the Evora feels lighter on its feet than a Porsche Cayman S and it fidgets far less than a Nissan GT-R. The Lotus’s steering also has a lovely oily, linear feel and perfect weighting.

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