Cars Coming Soon: Porsche Macan Expected to Dominate

2014 Porsche Macan

If the thought of every semi-affluent soccer mom in the nation parking a small Porsche SUV in the garage makes you slightly ill, it’s better you don’t read this.

If you believe a real Porsche shares a platform with no one, this isn’t your post.

If, in your mind, the only true Porsches have a model name starting with a 9, this will upset you.

If you thought the Porsche Cayenne brought the German sports car maker too far into the realm of the mass market, go find some sand and bury your head in it. You’re about to be swarmed by a small CUV known as the Porsche Macan.

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Cars Coming Soon: Porsche Macan Breaks Cover

2013 Porsche Macan

This is getting old: Much-anticipated new vehicle receives tons of hype in the automotive press, said vehicle is finally spotted uncovered, groans of disappointment fill the blog-o-sphere.

The latest victim is the Porsche Macan SUV (once known as the Cajun).

Not that there were exceptionally high expectations for a Porsche that could be considered a competitor to the Honda CR-V. But did it really have to look like one?

Porsche styling comes in three flavors:

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