Will Alfa Romeo Replace Dodge in America?

The replacement for Dodge?

Killing off the Dodge Grand Caravan would be tantamount to Toyota dumping its Camry.

But, in what looks to be a major sign of big changes to come for Dodge, the Grand Caravan will apparently exist only on the used market come 2014.

According to the reputable and journalistically conservative Automotive News, Chrysler will kill off its mainstay minivan sometime in 2013. That would leave the Chrysler Town & Country as the only van under the Pentastar’s roof; a vehicle that consistently sells fewer copies than the Grand Caravan.

It doesn’t make sense. It’s known that Chrysler/FIAT CEO Sergio Marchionne wants to consolidate brands at dealers and eliminate duplication on the sales floor. While I appreciate any plan to end the much-maligned practice of re-badging at Chrysler, dumping a perennial best-selling icon like the Grand Caravan could be a troubling sign for the Dodge brand. With plans to bring Alfa Romeo to the U.S. (someday), could it be possible that Marchionne is laying the groundwork to phase out Dodge and replace it with Alfa?

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