Hot Ways to Mod Your Ride…Or Not

Matte black Camaro

Like it or not, the car you drive tells others what kind of person you are. Drive a Corolla? You’re telling the world you’re a common-sense, practical, point-a-to-point-b type of person.

Drive a BMW? The world thinks you are a confident, maybe slightly arrogant, performance-appreciating go-getter.

Drive an Escalade? Well, we won’t tell you what the world thinks. You wouldn’t care anyway.

The point is, cars define us even when fresh off the showroom floor. For most people, that’s enough. But for true car geeks, cars must be tweaked and modified to adequately portray the driver’s personality.

Keep reading for some common mods today, and be sure to let us know what you think each says about the driver…

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