The Honda Mojo: It’s Not a Car

Civic Type R

Remember the 2012 Honda Civic? Of course not. It was the most disappointing Civic in modern history.

Consumer Reports famously dissed the car by revoking its “Recommended” status, while Car and Driver summarized the changes like this:

With the latest Civic, Honda has gambled that moving away from sportiness and towards quiet comfort will suit its buyers. Honda hasn’t hedged its bets into the boring realm of the Toyota Corolla, but it’s certainly an unadventurous effort. Aside from being quieter and more efficient, the new Civic doesn’t represent improvement as we define it. The Civic lacks the passion, soul, and entertaining driving dynamics of its predecessor. Mainstream buyers may not care, but enthusiasts surely will.

Honda, once known for sporty and fun-to-drive cars that provided reliability and fuel efficiency, had morphed into the latter while forgetting about the former.

Honda had lost its mojo.

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Cars Coming Soon: Looking Deeper Into the Next Acura NSX

Acura NSX concept

Yesterday, a great injustice was done.

The Acura NSX concept, a car that fanboys and serious enthusiasts alike have mourned since its demise while patiently longing for its return, was blasphemed by one of our own.

Yes, the car will officially go into production again, though not quite in the same form as the quintessential and utterly perfect original. This is big news, yet 23 words is all it took for jgoods to crash the party and turn the excitement about the car’s return into a head-shaking episode of wondering what went wrong.

He said,

Acura took the best-looking car it ever produced, the NSX, and turned it into a grinning jumble of front-end design clichés.

You know what? He’s right. It’s ugly as sin. But there’s more to the NSX story.

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Acura NSX Concept: Production Confirmed

Acura in Avengers

Honda quit making the vaunted midengine NSX in 2005 after a 15-year run. There’s been much talk since of a revived NSX, and the company has now confirmed that a new V6 hybrid two-seat sports car, the second-generation NSX, will be built, with the concept revealed at the Detroit Auto Show.

Honda desperately needs a shot in the arm right now, and this car might provide it. Though some might disagree, the hybrid option in a high-performing sports car makes a lot of sense to me (and to Porsche et al.).

No one is sure what the car will look like, though speculation has it that the NSX will be something close to the car (above) used in “The Avengers” movie, filmed in October in Central Park, New York.

Whatever it looks like, the new car will have big shoes to fill. The original NSX was built to outclass the Ferrari 348, and it did. With great handling and ample power, the thing cornered “as if on rails” (did I say that?), was designed in part by Ayrton Senna, and Bobby Rahal also took part in the car’s development.

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