2013 Boxster S Grows Up, Challenges 911 as Porsche’s Best

2013 Porsche Boxster S, front

The Porsche sat seductively, tempting me to open the door, slide in, turn the key with my left hand and ignite the potential energy sitting just behind and under the seats.

But I didn’t want to yet. I wanted to take in the surroundings first and fully appreciate what was to come. A hot, dry day. Sticky rubber wrapped around 19-inch alloy wheels. A white 2013 Boxster S with the top down and plenty of places to introduce my right foot to the Porsche’s floor.

There was just one problem: The last Porsche I drove was the new 911 Carrera S. This was just a Boxster S. There’s no way the experience could be as good, right?

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Uncovering the 2013 Porsche Boxster

2013 Porsche Boxster under wraps

The Boxster has never been my favorite Porsche. For that matter, the Boxster has never even been my favorite roadster.

I don’t have a good reason for that, other than the fact that the 911 exists and has always been a superior car. But where else can you go to find a midengine, lightweight, RWD roadster that’s as much fun to drive as the Boxster? There’s just not much in the way of competition there. For the money, though, a buyer can look at the Jaguar XK, Audi S5, BMW Z4 or even the Chevy Corvette. Each offers something the Boxster can’t, whether in the way of speed or more exotic looks.

Can the 2013 Boxster finally live up to the expectations of the Porsche name and be the purest sports car it offers?

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