Cars Coming Soon: Kia Quoris Heading for Global Release

Kia Quoris

A blog post about car names may be in order soon.

The latest in head-scratching nonsense words being affixed to the tail end of cars comes from Kia, with its flagship sedan being branded with the made-up word “Quoris.” It’s hard to spell, hard to say and doesn’t really mean anything. According to Kia, the word was derived from the words “core” and “quality,” which still doesn’t make any sense, since that would make a word more like “Corality.”

Regardless of its name, the Quoris will likely come to the States as Kia’s best effort so far at a flagship car.

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Cars Coming Soon: Kia RWD Sports “Coupe”

Kia RWD sport sedan concept

If you’re a reputable maker of economical but reliable vehicles and want to move up a segment or two, there’s really one thing to do: Build a concept that looks like a Lamborghini.

Kia Motors has established itself as a top automaker, moving from bargain-basement econoboxes to a full range of top-quality vehicle offerings. Currently, Kia’s U.S. lineup tops out with the midsize Kia Optima, but considering sister company Hyundai has the Genesis and Equus, and other countries have the fullsize Kia K9, it’s conceivable that a larger, more luxurious Kia could hit these shores soon.

And if we’re lucky, it might look a little like the Lamborghini Estoque concept.

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