Cars Coming Soon: A 600-HP Mustang and a New Acura NSX?

2012 Ford Shelby GT500

It was over a year ago when I wondered how long it would be before an American muscle car became the first straight-off-the-lot 500-hp muscle car. Well, silly me. That mark was eclipsed probably the day after I wrote that post, and now a few cars offer a stock 500 horses or more.

While we’re all still waiting for a standard Mustang GT or Camaro SS to cross the 500 mark, the current Shelby GT500 makes over 500 horses and the coming Camaro ZL1, (which just recorded a stellar 7:41.27 ‘Ring time) will produce around 580 ponies. That’s pretty impressive and means the ball is back in Ford’s court to either keep the horsepower wars going or concede to Chevy that we’ve reached the point where horsepower is at its peak.

Yeah, right.

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