Nissan Develops and Markets Its New NYC Taxi

About a year ago, New York selected its next taxi design from among some pretty good competition. Nissan won with an adaptation of its NV van, and now the details of its design are being worked out.

With streets that have been compared to those of a third-world nation, New York places the toughest demands on a car’s underbodies and suspension. For solutions, Nissan apparently dismantled retired cabs and looked at a bunch still running.

Besides broken and rusted suspensions, their team found really stinky cabs with scratched and broken partitions, torn vinyl, plus all the other kinds of wear and tear you’d expect. Manhattan streets don’t have deeper potholes than other places; it’s just that the cabs drive over them much more frequently.

Two weeks ago, I rode in some pretty decent New York cabs, including the Ford Escape Hybrid and the Fusion Hybrid (which is still kind of cramped). But the new NV200 will be the first cab since the old Checker to be designed specifically for the job.

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