Concepts Astound at 2012 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance

The one ugly concept in Monterey: Bentley EXP 9 F

While I can appreciate the classic cars shown at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, it’s the new and concept vehicles that really get me going. (Though the stunning 1928 Mercedes-Benz 680S Saoutchik Torpedo that won Best in Show would look good parked in my shop!)

This year, the Concept Car Lawn at Pebble Beach served as an all-you-can-eat buffet of exotic beauty. If top-shelf modern metal moves you, then the manicured putting greens of Monterey was the place to be this weekend. It was surely the highest concentration of rare and one-of-a-kind supercars in all of California. Well, outside of Jay Leno’s garage, anyway.

Aston Martin, Bentley, BMW, Bugatti, Infiniti, Lamborghini, Lexus and SRT parked a plethora of  exotic and concept vehicles on the lawn. The BMW Zagato Roadster rubbed shoulders with the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse, while the Lamborghini Urus concept lurked nearby. The Aston Martin Vanquish, though, may have been the best-looking of the bunch.

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Pebble Beach 2011 Preview

Cadillac Ciel Cabrio concept

The Concours d’Elegance with its magnificent old cars won’t open to the public until Sunday, but the constant hyping of Pebble Beach and all its secondary events in the press has already caused some of us to gag.

The worst offenders are the automakers who increasingly use PB to introduce new models, which this year are as boring and predictable as you can get. For example, the Lexus GS 350 and the grotesque Infiniti JX crossover.

The concepts, however, are a different story. Cadillac’s Ciel (above) is wonderful, in its grossly Cadillac way, and we hope it gets built.

But Pebble Beach is really about the Concours and the setting. I have never been to these events, but did do the 17-mile drive years ago and spent a little time in the area, which is simply gorgeous.

So instead of more hype, let’s look at photos of some great cars that I’ll bet you’ve never seen before. These come from Sports Car Digest and cover yesterday’s Tour d’Elegance. The photographer is Tim Scott.

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Summer Car Events You Can’t Miss

Woodward Dream Cruise

Is it August already!?

Sometimes looking at the calendar truly shocks me. I realized we’re not only in August, we’re about done with the first week of the last month of summer. And I haven’t even gotten sunburned yet!

If you’re like me (God help you), you’re realizing that summer is passing you by and you haven’t really taken the time to enjoy it. Well, you need a break. Even if it’s just a weekend out of town or a long day spent doing something fun just for you.

You need to get away from the constant barrage of political wars, Facebook updates and buzzing cell phones. But you don’t want to get away from civilization and go into the wilderness or anything… that’s crazy. There aren’t any cars there to enjoy. So what you need is a summer car event. One of these will do nicely:

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