A Hyundai “Big-Size” Pickup Could Be On the Way

Kia pickup

Could a Hyundai/Kia pickup look like this?

News sources on April 1 are sort of a “read at your own risk” venture. That’s especially true in the auto industry, with plenty of blogs and automakers announcing far-fetched new products or “confirming” long-held rumors.

Yesterday, Volkswagen announced a supercar, Subaru confirmed just about every rumor about the BRZ, CarGurus announced that jaded teens will do your car shopping via text and Honda’s new vacuum now cuts hair, too. Good stuff!

So hearing about a Hyundai pickup, on the first of April, is something to be taken lightly. Except the news source is exceptionally credible, and now, it’s being reported on April 2, too. Yes, it seems a Hyundai truck has become a definite maybe.

And that’s not necessarily a good thing.

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2014 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra Unveiled

General Motors has turned into a big tease.

It seems like it’s enjoying the slow, painful reveal of the C7 Corvette a little too much, with not so much as a carefully orchestrated “leak” of information to satisfy the legions of fans salivating over what might lie beneath the C7’s camo cladding.

For the General’s line of 2014 pickups, a similar tease has been under way. Yesterday, though, the sheet officially came off and revealed… well… a couple of big, boxy trucks. Still, the 2014 Silverado and Sierra are trucks that will set a new standard of what it takes to build a good American workhorse. It’s just too bad they look so much like Chevy trucks.

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Cars Coming Soon: smart To Unveil a Pint-Size Pickup

Smart for-us concept

I’ve lamented the loss of the medium-size truck many times on these virtual pages. While I think the size of the 1999 Toyota Tacoma is perfect for my needs, there just aren’t any modern options available currently.

That should begin to change as the new Chevy Colorado hits dealers. But what if that ends up being too big? smart thinks it has the answer to that question. But is anybody really asking?

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