Comparing Cars from Back in Our Fathers’ Day

1961 Jaguar E-Type

No matter what the application, technology always advances. In the 1980s, Casio was famous for its Databank watch. It included enough storage memory for some addresses and phone numbers, and it had a handy calculator, just in case you decided to tip 18.7%. In April, 2015, Apple released its own smart watch. It’s roughly the same shape as Casio’s Databank, but the technology now allows for 8 gigabytes of storage, a touchscreen, haptic feedback, and a range of apps that cover everything from the weather to the Red Sox score to what Jeremy Clarkson’s been tweeting this week. Cars are no different.

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Green Update: Hypercar Hybrids from Porsche and Ferrari

Design study for the F70

We have written about the incredible Porsche 918 hybrid before, with details here and here. Now, 918 Spyder prototypes have been spotted testing, looking a little like the old 917 race cars (see pix here).

The 918 will produce some 770 hp from a V8 and “two independent electric motors, one on the front and one in the drive line, acting on the rear wheels.” All this with decent fuel economy. Production is expected by the end of 2013, so you have time to save up the $850K it will cost.

The new Ferrari F70 is expected to replace the Enzo and may come to market around the same time as the 918, according to Automotive News. The F70 will probably cost more than the Porsche, but has some amazing technology, which we will illustrate below.

Why are these companies building such monster cars?

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BMW’s Most Desirable Car, the 650i Coupe

BMW 6 Series Coupe

Our own tgriffith’s heart will be broken when he reads today’s news that the outrageous Porsche 918 Spyder will officially go on sale in November at the price of $845,000. After he recovers from the cardiovascular consequences of learning this, he may take heart.

We don’t yet know the price of BMW’s new (2012) 650i (above), but it’s got to be way under $100K, which means he could likely buy nine of ’em for the cost of one Spyder, a machine not meant for public roads in any case. The 6 Series has great style, performance, and comfort, while the Spyder is a show-off, oil-sheik, ultimate toy kind of thing.

As a family man, tgriffith will be happy with the gorgeous and spacious interior of the 6 Series coupe, which his kids can trash, and he will get his kicks from the stark 400-hp, 450 lb-ft/torque twin-turbo V8. Gas mileage in the mid-20s ain’t too shabby either for a car like this. It has every kind of technological tweak you could want, described in 14 pages of press release.

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