Green Update: Prius Camper Takes Togetherness to a New Level

Car camping in Japan must be like much else in the country: squeezing more people into limited space. According to what I’ve read, this Prius Camper thing can sleep 4 (maybe 5) in very close quarters. Imagine for yourselves the sounds, smells and scrunches of such an overnight.

Anyhow, a company called Campinn showed off the concept at the Tokyo Auto Salon. The “Relax Cabin” will reportedly cost the Prius owner around $52,000—which can buy a lot of motel rooms. Or gasoline for a normal-sized RV.

But if you are addicted to living in your car and don’t mind being laughed at, on or off the grid, the Prius camper could do it for you. Whether your car will have enough power to get out of its own way—with all that extra weight added—is a question still to be addressed. Whether it will be stable on the road is something we rather doubt.

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