Don’t Get Fleeced When Renting a Car

Wrecked rental car

Car rental insurance might be a good idea

I can’t remember ever sitting in a rental car and thinking, “You know, I’d really like to own this car. I enjoy it so much.”

Rentals are typically the lowest of the low, a step below the base model, built and sold specifically for the rental fleet market. I rented a Pontiac G6 once in North Carolina and could not believe the amount of plastic and lack of anything particularly useful in the cabin. Of course, that’s also the car that sounded like a broken weed-wacker under acceleration and the car that left me stranded on a remote on-ramp somewhere in the middle of NASCAR country, so perhaps my memory is a little jaded.

Even being a relatively new car, that G6 felt a decade old. It rattled, it was uncomfortable, and it had an assortment of dings and scratches. My point here is that rental cars get abused, and a lot of normal wear and tear gets piled on with each new renter. Most of that normal stuff gets ignored when it’s time to return the car.

But not always.

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