Porsche to Revive the 550 Spyder; New 911 Pics and Specs

Porsche 550 RS

“I can imagine that such a modern version of the famous ‘James Dean’ Porsche would be well-received by our customers. The new model will not be retro-styled.” Thus spake Matthias Mueller, Porsche’s CEO, confirming that a new version of the iconic 550 Spyder will be built.

James Dean, famous film actor in the 1950s, loved racing and prepared one of the 90 550s built. He was killed in a head-on collision (not his fault) on a California highway in September 1955. And his association with the car has become legendary.

But the 550 also had a great racing history (RS version above) and went through several evolutions, including the very successful RSK, and fathered many replicas.

All we really know about the new car is that it will probably share the proposed Audi R4 roadster platform and be midengine. Power is speculated to come from a 4-cylinder boxer engine that may also go into the Boxster and/or Cayman.

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