Five Things You Should Never Say to a Mechanic

Car mechanic

Do you trust your mechanic?

If you own a car, you should know a mechanic.

Sure, car owners can abuse their rides, neglect maintenance and hope things are OK. When cars don’t get the attention they need, though, they have a nasty habit of eventually striking back by draining their owners’ bank accounts. Cars don’t thrive on neglect.

Fluids, brakes, drivetrain components, electronics and engine mechanics are all parts of a precision system that must work in perfect harmony to maintain performance and longevity in a car.

If you wait on maintenance and don’t have an established relationship with a good mechanic when your car starts giving you problems, be careful what you say when bringing your vehicle to a shop you’ve never visited. If you value your money at all, be absolutely sure you don’t say anything like this:

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