Flashing While Driving: Now Legal!

speed trap

There’s big, big news in the world of cars today. It’s not often that a piece of news or legislation or automotive awesomeness comes along that completely lights up my days and nights.

When it happens, though, it needs to be acknowledged and celebrated.

The news I discovered yesterday has not only caused me to rest easier while driving, it will save me (and you) money while adding another level of protection and camaraderie on the streets of these great United States.

What could have such a big influence on the state of driving?

The answer, as briefly as possible, is:

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Warning Others of Speed Traps: Illegal?

A simple flash of the headlights would've sufficed...

As a driver concerned with the well-being of my fellow citizens on the road, I make an effort to warn oncoming traffic when I notice a cop stalking for speeders.

That is, once I’m sure that Johnny Law hasn’t locked his sights on me. When I know I’ve made it through the speed trap unscathed, I believe it’s my civic duty to warn others that a stealthy officer lies in wait around the next bend. A simple flash of the high beams usually does the job. It’s like an unspoken bond between drivers; one that leaves me feeling good about saving a stranger’s day and one I sure appreciate when I happen to be on the receiving end.

Who knew that, in some cases, such community goodness might be against the law?

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