Can Sinking Hyundai Right the Ship?

2017 Santa Fe

2017 Santa Fe

An automaker can’t survive without crossovers.

All the major car companies that operate in the United States have a wide assortment of crossovers and SUVs available to consumers. Some, like FCA, are even dropping slow-selling sedans in favor of increased SUV, truck, and crossover production. Others, such as General Motors, offer heavy incentives on sedans but make up for the discounts with profitable SUVs.

Of the 44 automakers doing business in the U.S., only eight don’t offer a crossover, and most of those are supercar makers. (Thanks Autoblog, for doing that research.)

Hyundai has an assortment of crossover SUVs available, but wasn’t prepared for the SUV boom that is currently engulfing the world’s automotive markets.

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The New Breed of SUV: Small Utility Vehicle

2013 Audi Q5

SUV is an acronym for Sport Utility Vehicle, which I think has been forgotten, as the term now extends to vehicles that are neither sport nor utility.

The earliest SUVs were the first Chevrolet Suburban and military-inspired Jeep vehicles. Soon after those we had SUVs from International and Land Rover, then more from Chevy, Jeep and Ford. Those old Scouts and Broncos and Discoverys were true sport utility vehicles, with the power and capability to conquer any road, or lack thereof, put in front of them.

Today we have “compact SUVs” and “crossover SUVs,” which, in every sense of the word, are not SUVs at all.

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