Will Compressed Air Ever Power Our Cars?

Tata compressed-air car?

The real thing or just a bad Photoshop creation?

I do a lot of research on cars and the auto industry and sometimes see old stories resurface and get reported as new again. One of those happened yesterday, when I saw the headline, “Tata’s New Target- A Car to Run On Compressed Air.” The story is dated September 27, 2011, and mentions the new air-powered Tata MiniCAT (sometimes called a CityCAT).

How interesting. Because it sure seems like I’ve heard that before… Oh yes, here we go. Here’s the same story from July 9, 2008.

The “air-powered car” story has certainly made the rounds, and for some reason people still cling to hope that its release is imminent. However, a search on Tata’s website turns up zero results, and no new information seems to have surfaced since 2008. The technology is said to have been invented by Guy Nigre and his company MDI.

The early stories at least seem somewhat credible, as Autoblog reported in 2007,

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