Boston to Nashville: A Cheap Car Challenge Results in a Bargain Mazda RX-7


When people shop for cars, they typically stay local. But a new CarGurus study revealed that expanding your search to other metro areas can yield substantial savings. Buying a Ford Mustang in Miami, FL, rather than Albany, NY, could save you close to $2,000. Picking up a BMW 3 Series in Albuquerque, NM, instead of Dallas, TX, might net you as much as $1,900 in savings—all after considering the cost of airfare and gas for the drive back home. Continue reading >>>

Surprises in the Used Car Listings

You just never know.

Think of any car, no matter how rare, that you might want to own. Almost anything you want can be found in used car listings somewhere, whether a classic Mustang or a pre-owned Lamborghini. The truth is, somebody, somewhere, probably wants to sell the car you want to buy. The trick, of course, is finding it.

Every once in a while, a car so rare comes up that it should be crossing the stage at a Barret-Jackson auction, rather than showing up in the classifieds.

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Safe Used Cars Under $5,000 (And One Under $2)

Volvo 760

The safest car ever?

Remember the Top Gear episode where Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May had to find a cheap used car, put it through a series of tests and see which vehicle performed the best? One stunt in particular stands out above the rest, which went something like this:

The presenters had to crash their cars at 30mph into a wall. 10 points were lost if the presenter dies, 5 for each broken bone and 1 for each blood injury. The only injury was done to Jeremy, later revealed by Hammond with an X-ray, who broke his thumb. Jeremy had crashed at about 40mph because his speedometer was broken and he incorrectly guessed how fast 30 mph was.

Funny stuff, right?

Regardless of whether or not you see the humor in potential death, blood and broken bones, the issue of safety in used cars is an important topic. If safety is tops on your list when shopping for a used car, keep reading. Just don’t expect cheap safety to also include stellar MPG numbers or even top-notch reliability.

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