Introducing the Supercar Unknowns

SSC Tuatara

I was tagged in a Facebook post that said, “Dude, Washington has a supercar!”

The link went to a local story about Washington State company SSC and its Tuatara megacar, which is due to start production in 2015. That car has a very real shot at regaining the title of world’s fastest production car for SSC, whose Ultimate Aero has battled with Bugatti for the title over the last couple of years.

In our parts of the woods, SSC, formerly Shelby Supercars, is not an obscure car brand. Granted, we don’t see any roaming our city streets, but any real car nut knows it exists.

Keep reading for 5 supercars of which even the most pure of heart may not be aware.

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One More for the Road: Last SSC Ultimate Aero Something Special

2013 SSC Ultimate Aero XT

SSC North America, once known as Shelby Supercars, is famous for producing the record-breaking Ultimate Aero. That car once held the distinguished title of Fastest Production Car in the World, before being unseated by the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport.

Next on SSC’s agenda is a car to replace the Ultimate Aero and, the company hopes, regain its speed title. The car for that assignment is the yet-to-be released SSC Tuatara. But as Ultimate Aero production winds down, there is one more version for a few lucky buyers—a version that’s Tuatara on the inside and Ultimate Aero on the outside…

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SSC Tuatara a Hot Hit in Dubai

SSC Tuatara

The hottest car in all the land might be the Shelby Supercars Tuatara.

Put some swept-back wings on the thing, and you’ve got a road-ready F-16, only faster and better looking. The Tuatara looks exotic even in the company of exotics. It’s more intergalactic spaceship than car. That’s not just me saying so, either, as the supercar connoisseurs in the deserts of Dubai have voted for the Tuatara to the tune of $13 million. This thing is going to be hot!

SSC’s head honcho, Jerod Shelby, brought the Tuatara to the Dubai Motor Show hoping to secure a distributor for the region and earn some brand recognition. Instead he secured 10 buyers for the $1.3 million super-exotic. Not bad for a little carmaker based in a quiet corner of rural Washington state.

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