A Corvette for Every Year

Peter Max Corvette Collection

Before yesterday I’d never heard the name Peter Max. Maybe that’s because I’m too far out of touch with pop culture, or maybe that’s because I’m not involved in the world of art.

I am, however, involved in the world of cars, and Peter Max has quite the car story.

Mr. Max, as you might have heard by now, owns one of each Corvette produced in the years 1953 to 1989. That’s a total of 36 unique ‘Vettes, which have sat in New York parking garages for the last 25 years.

The story of how they got there, and why, is unbelievable.

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1967 Corvette Sells for Record Price

1967 Corvette L88


What’s the first image that comes to mind when you hear the word? While probably not the most flattering of terms, cheap thrills is what comes to my mind first.

The Corvette, by design, is a vehicle meant to provide a lot of horsepower and cubic inches at a fraction of the price of cars with comparable power. That’s true whether you’re looking at used Corvettes or even the new C7 Stingray.

One thing I don’t associate with Corvettes is the term “million-dollar car,” and certainly not $3.4 million car.

That all changed, though, this week.

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