When Buying a 4×4, Make Sure Your 4×4 Is Actually a 4×4

Jeep Grand Cherokee

4×4 or 4×2: Can you tell?

Oh, the stories I’ve heard…

There’s the one guy who bought a used Jeep Grand Cherokee and asked me to come over to help him learn how to put it into 4-wheel drive. Upon quick inspection, I determined this task was impossible, as the vehicle in question lacked an important feature: 4-wheel drive.

Yes, this fellow had purchased a rear-wheel-drive Grand Cherokee without knowing it. Upon discovering this fact, he experienced every negative emotion imaginable while spewing every bad word I’d ever heard and some I hadn’t.

Something similar happened to a friend of a friend, who proudly showed off his new-to-him Toyota Tacoma 4×4. I kept my mouth shut, contrary to my instincts to blurt it out to everyone, that his new “4×4” was really a PreRunner. In case you don’t know, that’s Toyota code for “looks like a 4×4, but isn’t.”

So, my CarGurus friends, when it comes time to shop for a 4×4, please make sure you take the time to get exactly what you expect.

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