The Melvan: A $100K Piece of Pop Culture?

The Melvan

Owning a van once used by the Melvins may not seem like that big of a deal.

The band never hit it big nationally and is a mostly forgotten relic of the 1990s Seattle grunge music scene. Personally, I loved (and still love) the Melvins and the band’s churning, slow, sludgy metal music. The band toured in a 1972 Dodge Sportsman van, which, in recent years, has sat unused in Washington state.

Even considering the band’s ownership, the Melvan, as it’s known, would be hard to give away, considering it hasn’t been started in years and once suffered an engine fire.

One key element of this van, though, has the current owner hoping he can score at least a hundred grand for the old beater.

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