Here Come the Car of the Year Awards

Tesla Model S

The 2013 Motor Trend Car of the Year

Anyone can give out a Car of the Year award these days. In fact, the list of COTY awards seems to grow every year. There’s the old stalwart, the Motor Trend Car of the Year, but there’s also the North American Car and Truck of the Year, the World Car of the Year, and now the Popular Mechanics Car of the Year. Perhaps there should be an equally prestigious “tgriffith Car of the Year.”

Maybe there will be.

With such a wide variety of awards, it’s pretty hard to label the one true Car of the Year. In this era of “everyone’s a winner,” every car has some chance of winning some kind of award.

Motor Trend, though, seems to have nailed this year’s choice.

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Lady Gaga Spotted in Audi R8 GT, Should Probably Have an Up! Instead

The World Car of the Year has nothing on Lady Gaga.

Sure, it’s a major accomplishment to build the car that ultimately wins the WCOTY honor. Marketing departments go crazy with the extra publicity, especially when the cars that lost include the BMW 3 Series and the Porsche 911. This year’s World Car of the Year honors went to the diminutive Volkswagen Up!, thoroughly beating its bigger, faster, more refined and grown-up German brothers.

But the Up! doesn’t wear a meat dress or sing number one pop songs. For that, we look to Lady Gaga, who only earns a mention on these hallowed pages due to her new ride:

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