Land Rover: The Best Ads on TV!

Land Rover LR-4

All automakers pride themselves on building vehicles that provide a safe, secure cabin in the event of an accident.

Land Rover wants to take that warm, cozy feeling of safety a step further by providing a place of respite in even the most severe of situations: an angry soon-to-be ex, a crooked cop and a crazy sword guy.

If complete safety from the world is what you are looking for, new ads for the Land Rover LR4 promise that “You’ll Feel Safe Inside,” even if you’re a dirty cop confessing your sins or a timid office manager confronting the resident sword guy.

Shot like mini episodes of The Office, these new spots from Land Rover should be the envy of car advertisers everywhere! At least for the moment.

Keep reading to see them, and comment on your favorite!

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