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New Dealer Programs Could Mean Lower Used-Car Prices

May 22nd, 2012

2012 Honda Accord

When dealers chase incentives and sell at a loss, used-car prices take a dive soon afterward.

Certain incentives from automakers, called stair-step incentives, are coming back in a big way. For consumers, that means good deals are available, or will be soon, on many new and used cars. For dealers, it can mean significantly less money if the gamble to offer discounts doesn’t generate enough sales.

Stair-step incentives artificially depress the price of some vehicles while targeting certain other models for which the automaker hopes to boost sales. Do they work? That depends, of course, on who you ask.

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Used Car Prices Catching Up With New

August 16th, 2011
2011 Acura TL

2011 Acura TL cheaper than buying a used one?

As a general rule of life, buying things used saves money. In fact, aside from a house or a nice bottle of scotch, things generally get less expensive as they age.

Cell phones, computers, clothes and cars are all good examples of things people can buy used to save a significant amount of money versus buying new. Cars especially. Only in some kind of bizzaro world would buying a used car cost more than buying a new one.

If we’ve learned anything the last couple of years, though, it’s that bizarre just might become the new reality. Better get used to it.

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