Gas prices and refineries… part 2

If the entities that own and control these energy sources over produce then what they produce is not worth as much if as when there is less produced. Make sense? Simple huh? Supply and demand, right? Except that humans have emotions and those are controlled by many factors, some that include the chemical fuel result of the food and drugs we consume. Couple this with the indulgence in various emotions like fear, anger and greed… to produce a mass response, money starts moving or it is withdrawn from the flow.

Why do I discuss this here? Simple, this is the 3rd or 4th energy crisis I have experienced in my life. All of them involve oil in the Middle East. Yet, what they truly involve is the unmonitered individual awareness of personal needs versus wants. We all want more of something. In days gone by to want more was better and required more energy to operate more machines or have other people operate more machines. Are you following me so far?


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