German Roadside Service on the Autobahn

ADAC? That’s correct. ADAC is the German Autobahn’s super roadside service entity, that responds with special equipment that are self contained and can literally repair your car on the spot right where you break down on the Autobahn. Their drivers are welders, mechanics and a parts house and fabrication shop.

This is the state of the art in roadside service in the world, as far as I know. Try using Google’s Language Tools to help as this site is completely in German, for obvious reasons. Awesome and something to behold, even it’s on the Interent.


Roadside Service is very different on the Autobahn…

Being German and all, means being very organized and precise in ones execution. First off the way the Autobahn is run through a Command Center. They have a lot of highly organized documentation to populate their pages and related service websites. One of those is really in all German, yet if you go to Google and use their Language Tools on the right, you can translatem into English. Really cool.

Tomorrow the German version of AAA roadside service. This will blow your mind. Can we have this here and hey, what about a ‘Toll’ Autobahn in the US to pay for lower gas costs… is that even possible? I’ll address that soon for sure…

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European Automobile first invented where and by whom? Perhaps, check this out…

Well, to add to the age-old discusion and argument it appears that according to Wikepedia the Europeans had a car that could achieve 6 mph, whose creator was none other than Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot, a frenchman, of course.

Next door in Germany Karl Benz, Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach, are the generally more accepted inventors and fathers of the automobile. The 1880’s truly kicked off the realistic interest in the design for the production of a commercially possible automobile. Of course, Henry Ford and his productuion line with an economic car design for profitable production manufacturing that really started the wheels rolling…

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Chicago & Indianapolis one-time Auto Manufacturing Capital contenders?

Is this hard to believe? Not really when you think about it. Consider that perhaps the first Auto Show and Auto Race where in Chicago before the turn into the 20th century.

Another contender, Indianapolis in Indiana, also fell by the wayside like Chicago. Both have retained some remnents of their Auto Capital runner up status. However it is the Indy 500 that has found its own way as the largest sporting event in the world according to some of the biggest names in sports reporting that I’ve spoken with recently.

At the turn into the 20th century, Indianapolis looked as though it could become the automobile manufacturing capital of the world. The big names of the industry at that time, like Marmon, Duesenberg and Stutz, were in the Hoosier capital city. Keep in mind that Henry Ford was still nearly a decade-and-a-half away from making the Model T and Detroit. Mr. Ford would become synonymous with automobile assembly and manufacturing in the United States, of course.

Fact: The American automobile was born in Indiana.

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What do the Indy 500 and the Autobahn in Germany have in common?

Good question or a stupid one? Well, as it turns out both were testing roads for manufacturers to begin with which I never knew before I was watching this great show on The National Geographic Channel last week. However, one expanded and the other focused and both got specialized in their own way. Both are national and global traditions in their own right.

In looking more closely at the Autobahen after viewing the show on National Geographic Channel I found so many interesting facets to this incredible mega-structure and top super highway that we’ll be adding some specific categories on CarGurus in the future.

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History of the Indy 500 and the Capital of Auto Manufacturing discussed

In the coming days and weeks a flowing discussion will unfold focusing on the beginnings of the Indy 500. It has an intesting start and its growth into what we know today is facinating.

In addition, it is relevant to consider the tribulations in actually arriving at Detroit as the Automotive Manufacturing Capital. we will look into the other contenders.

All comments or information relivant to Indy’s History or Detroits’ ending up with the designation as the Automotive Manufacturing Capital.

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Firestone 400 finds a Winner that wants more…

I only was able to watch the last 25 or so laps in that the holding pattern of intensity. When that Green Flag finally flew, it was quick magic that unfolded. The Chevy Yellows made a respectable showing yet Herta and the Andretti Greens had it in the end. The smell of suspense from the track’s surface must have been intense. Those last laps and especially on that final lap when it became clear Bryan had claimed the spot as… Leader of the Pack and winner of this special event. Bryan, being a native of Michigan, had possibly imagined winning a race in his own home State, ever since he was a kid… after all he’s homegrown. Take a look at the comments in the Firestone IRL IndyCar Series race report – Firestone Indy 400. The report sees what these new tires can do in a pinch. .. and what they did for Byran today.

This link to Herta really letting loose is really great… Yahoo!Bryan Herta wins IRL Firestone Indy 400

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