Buying smart… a new used car

Years ago I discovered that my love of cars would drive me to own many cars. I found this challenging, as budget has been a concern most of the time, which is why one of the reasons the original ‘buying-carguide‘ was created. Also, this article by Suze Orman is a really great one. She outlines what I’ve been doing for years in her article “A Car Guide for the Young, Fabulous and Broke“. Read it and the ‘buying-carguide’ from CarGurus and you’ll be on your way to better deals with your car ownership experience.

The ‘buying-carguide’ happened one rainy afternoon while trying to get as much info as possible without leaving the house. So I sat down and starting writing down all the answers to all the questions I know to ask and voila!

After years of owning many cars, currently over 35 vehicles now, this is the only way to approach

John (CarGuru Sr)

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