Hybrid Escalade? Gimme a break!

I want to talk about something that’s incredibly simple, but for some reason a lot people don’t seem to get. 

There’s so much talk right now about the importance of miles per gallon, and ways to increase the MPG of the cars being built.

The challenge so far is building a car that can be driven more miles for each gallon of gas it consumes. A popular solution that automakers, and the public, are embracing is the hybrid vehicle. While some hybrids do increase the MPG, they also cost a heck of a lot more money than comparably sized cars.

And I won’t even get into the fact that it takes years and years to even recover the cost of the car in gas savings. And what will happen to the toxic batteries once the car’s life is over?

What I want to talk about right now is even more basic than that: weight.

This is just simple physics, friends: the less something weighs, the less energy it takes to propel it.

Following so far?

I just don’t understand why the automakers in this country are so stuck on the hybrid concept, when we can achieve even better MPG than a hybrid in a gas-powered car that weighs less.

Instead, we have GM slapping a hybrid sticker on the side of a $70,000 behemoth Escalade that gets 20 MPG. Does that make sense? Think about how many non-hybrid vehicles get significantly better mileage than that.

It’s completely insane folks, and we need to step up as consumers and say, “Hey, GM, we don’t want a 6,000 pound monster that costs over 70 grand and gets 20 MPG. We want a 2,000 pound vehicle that gets more than 30 MPG.”

We can’t have it all, America, and it’s time to start making choices that have serious effects on the environment and perhaps more importantly, on our wallets.

Instead of dropping 70K on a hybrid SUV, save yourself 50 THOUSAND dollars and pick up a MINI Cooper that goes nearly twice the miles on the same gallon of gas.

What would you buy: a hybrid Escalade or a gas-powered Cooper?



  1. I believe the official term is “Hollow Hybrids”. It’s basically altering the engine somewhat to eek out an extra mile or two and then slapping a huge hybrid sticker on the back and sides.

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